Faculty and students from Tufts’ many schools (HNRCA, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Cummings School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Medical School, Dental School, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Fletcher School of International Affairs, and Tisch College of Civic Life) would all benefit from an expanded aging initiative at Tufts. Activities that innovate, expanded and impact the existing aging focus at Tufts include:

Healthy Aging Webinars

Presented by the Healthy Aging at Tufts PRC, the Healthy Aging webinar series presents innovative and instructive seminars by preeminent guest researchers in aging.

The 2021 series offered 3 webinars with a focus on infectious diseases.

The 2020 series offered 3 webinars and 2 in-person seminars providing an overview into the biology of cellular aging.