Course Details

Course Number: NUTR 247 & CMDB 0247

Associated Faculty: Allen Taylor & Mitch McVey

Course Description

This course is an in-depth examination of current topics in aging research, with a focus on human aging. Topics to be discussed include theories of aging; physiological, cellular, and epigenetic changes that occur with aging; biochemical and energetic processes that affect healthspan and lifespan; and interventions that may affect the aging process. The themes for this course vary each time it is offered. This year there will be an emphasis on protein quality control pathways and their roles in homeostasis, aging, and age-related diseases, along with drugs to exploit those capacities. Students will help direct the course by presenting and critiquing papers selected from a curated list of current aging research literature. 

Co-Instructors: Allen Taylor and Mitch McVey

Course offered in Spring 2021.

Prerequisites Graduate Biochemistry (BCHM-0223) or instructor consent. It is also recommended that students have taken undergraduate-level classes in Cellular or Molecular Biology and Genetics.