Dr. Laura Corlin

Project Title: “Mechanisms through which air pollution affects cardiometabolic health trajectories”

Principal Investigator: Dr. Laura Corlin, TUSM- Public Health and Community Medicine

Using Framingham Heart Study data, we will investigate the mechanisms underlying the associations between air pollution exposure and cardiometabolic aging trajectories.

Drs. Andrew Greenberg & Philip Haydon

Project Title: “Role of Myeloid Cell ACSL4 in Age Associated Inflammation and Cognitive Decline”

Principal Investigators: Dr. Andrew Greenberg, Obesity Metabolism Lab, JM-USDA HNRCA and Dr. Philip Haydon, TUSM- Neuroscience

This collaborative project investigates the role of myeloid cell acyl CoA synthetase4 (ACSL4) in the generation of PGE2 in age associated inflammation and cognitive decline in aged mice.

Dr. Christopher Wiley

Project Title: “Targeting ferroptosis resistance in senescent cells for healthy aging”

Principal Investigator: Dr. Christopher Wiley, JM-USDA HNRCA

This project will uncover the mechanism by which senescent cells acquire resistance to ferroptosis and develop methods to detect ferroptosis.

For questions and submission of a proposal, please contact healthyaging@tufts.edu